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Justin's note to me during art class. THAT'S AP ART.

Hi Justin, It's Carolyn, in Mr. Heusser's class. I'm really really bored, but I'm pretending to care, BUT I DON'T!! I'm not a loser, I'm just really really ska. like no really i'm super ska. well i think my hair looks bad today, bot no one else does, so I'm just gonna annoy you about it, even though you think i'm totally hott, JK. I'm funny, I hate being annoying LALALALALA! so I like totally have a whore-se on my shirt today her name is sugarcube, her momy's name is nana-banana and her dad's name is mr heusser. No really, I'm ska, like really ska. i see in black and white, black and white checkers. Yeah let's talk about kevin, kevin, kevin, kevin, blah blah balha, kevin + noah and kevin. So i can read your mind and i'm reading that you saw audrey at the mall yesterday and you talked to her and audrey audrey audrey It's a shame she does pot because she is way hotter than most girls you could get. haha jk. SO jacob totally pisses me off he's such a Jew. I'll tell you later about what I meant by us going yo Kate's party in the note i gave you earlier. I <3 you justin.
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